Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Select List of Publications


Marineland, The Cardiff Review, April 2016
Turn the Soil,” Fox Adoption, April 2016
Chances,” Eclectica, February 2016
The Couch Surfer,” The Danforth Review, October 2015
The Geddes Babies,” UNBUILD walls, May 2015
Confessions of a Dental Assistant,Room Magazine 31.3


You Can't Stay Here, Thistledown Press (published: August 2018)
Kevin Chongcarte blanche (2018)
Backspring, Biblioasis (published: June 2016)
The Mystics of Mile End, Freehand Books (published: February 2016)
This Place a Stranger, Caitlin Press (published: November 2015)
Bunny and Shark, Bookthug (published: September 2015)
The World Before Us, Doubleday Canada (published: July 2015)


"Canyoning in Charlevoix—And Other Unique Outdoor Adventures," fairmont.com, forthcoming
First Time Montreal: What to Do and See in the City of Saints,” lonelyplanet.com, October 2014
Seven Reasons to Visit Toronto Now,” lonelyplanet.com, October 2014
“Sweet Dreams in Île d’Orléans,” Lonely Planet Traveller, June 2014
Quebec’s Hottest Restaurants,” bbc.com, June 2012
An Island of Local Food,” bbc.com, June 2012
“Montreal's Indie Music Scene,” Houston Chronicle, June 2010
East Meets West,” Canoe, February 2009
“Glitz and Buzz Put Macau Firmly on Tourist Radar,” Oakland Tribune, January 2009
Culture Blooms in Toronto,” Houston Chronicle, September 2008
Waking Up in Montreal,” Houston Chronicle, March 2008
 “More Dim Sum For Your Dollar,” Houston Chronicle, December 2007
“Koya-san: Japan’s Mystical Mountain,” Wisdom Newsletter, Spring 2007
“The Ever-Changing Face of Leisure,” The Foreigner-Japan, March 2005
Ghosts of Nagasaki Bay,” Travelmag, November 2004
“Growing Nationalism in Japan,” Yomiuri Shimbun, September 2004
“The Perils of Japanese Pizza Delivery,” The Foreigner-Japan, September 2004 
“Homage to the Land of the Rising Sun Goddess,” The Foreigner-Japan, May 2004 
“Japan's Culture of Fear,” The Foreigner-Japan, April 2004 
“And This Little Piggy Cried Abunai,” Tokyo Notice Board, 2004

Human Resources

"Let's Get Creative: Giving Promotions Without Raises," Canadian HR Reporter, forthcoming
"Leveraging Recruiters," Enactus, forthcoming
"Smart Staffing in the Gig Economy," Upsize Magazine, forthcoming
"Ways to Encourage Health and Support Wellness at Work," Robert Half, forthcoming
"Meet Regulatory Compliance With a Strong Payroll Team," Dialogue, forthcoming
"4 Signs a Candidate is Lying on Their Resume," Robert Half, 2018
“Finding Sanity: Tips for the Stressed-Out Mom or Dad,” Executive Secretary, 2017
“Project Management Tips for Dealing with Conflict,” Robert Half, 2016
“Volunteering Could Be the Boost Your Career Needs,” AdminAdvantage, 2016
“Happy at Work: How to Achieve Workplace Satisfaction,” Savings Source, 2016
“8 Ways to Prepare Today for a Management Position in the Future,” CPA Insider, 2016
“2017 Trends in the Payroll Industry,” Dialogue Magazine, 2016
“Professional Networking Tips: Start by Communicating Effectively,” Paytech, 2015
“What Employers Look for in New Hires,” Global Accountant, 2015
“Career Advice: Time Management Tips,” Global Accountant, 2015
“For a Successful Enterprise, Cultivate Investor Relations,” Canadian Treasurer, 2015
“Retention Red Flags: 10 Signs Good Employees Are About to Jump Ship,” AFWA, 2015
“What Employers Look For in New Hires,” Robert Half, 2015
“Relationship-Building and Networking,” Robert Half, 2015
“Co-Worker Today, Legal Boss Tomorrow,” Robert Half, 2015
“Tips for Boosting Your Soft Skills and Advancing Your Career,” Robert Half, 2015
“Employee Benefits That Attract Workers,” Robert Half, 2015
“10 Ways Technology is Changing the Legal Profession,” Robert Half, 2015
“Manage Office Politics with Finesse,” Robert Half, 2015
“5 Payroll Technology Trends,” Robert Half, 2015
“Best Cities for IT Jobs,” Robert Half, 2015
“The High Costs of a Bad Hire,” Corporate Finance Insider, 2015
“Take the New Job: Why You Should Say No to Counteroffers,” ALPFA, 2015
“7 Signs You’re Stuck in a Bad Relationship," CareerBuilder, 2015
“Top CPA Skills and How to Get Them,” CareerBuilder, 2015
“How to Prevent Employee Turnover,” Association for Talent Development, 2015
“Disclosing Your Salary When Job Hunting,” Robert Half, 2014
“Beat the Heat: How to Avoid Work Burnout During Tax Season,” Robert Half, 2014
“What you Need to Know about Financial Analyst Jobs in Canada,” Robert Half, 2014
“7 Time Management Tips,” Robert Half, 2014
“Compliance Costs on the Rise in Canada,” Robert Half, 2014
“New Technology Keeping You Behind? Here’s How to Get Ahead,” Robert Half, 2014
“Independence Day Wake-Up Call: Consulting Careers Await,” Robert Half, 2014
“Back to School: Why Legal Professionals Should Seek CLE,” Robert Half, 2014
“2015 Hiring and Salary Trends,” Robert Half, 2014
“The Key to Getting Ahead: Stay on Top of Tech Training,” Robert Half, 2014
“How to Get the Most From Informational Interviews,” Robert Half, 2014
“How to Fill the Most In-Demand Jobs,” Robert Half, 2014
“5 Tips for Getting Your PMP Certification,” Robert Half, 2014
“Must-Have Skills for the Legal Administrator,” Robert Half, 2014
“Legal Careers for Recent Grads,” Robert Half, 2014
“2015 Forecast: Hiring and Salary Trends for Legal Jobs,” Robert Half, 2014
“Job Search Tips to Kick Off the New Year,” CGMA Magazine, 2014
“The 7 Best Credentials for Accountants,” Canadian Treasurer, 2014
“Top 10 Positions in Demand in Canada,” Canadian Treasurer, 2014
“How Does Your Company’s Financial Software Compare?” Canadian Treasurer, 2014
“Year-End Payroll Out, New Year In,” Canadian Treasurer, 2014
“5 Ways to Inspire Innovation at Work,” Canadian Treasurer, 2014
“Look for Compliance Expertise and Soft Skills,” Canadian Treasurer, 2014
“How to Go from Peer to Boss,” CareerBuilder, 2014
“Preparing for Vacation: Plan Ahead Before Clocking Out,” CareerBuilder, 2014
“Fostering Positive Co-Worker Relationships in Small Offices,” CareerBuilder, 2014
“Don’t Let Poor Performance Sink the Ship,” CareerBuilder, 2014
“2015 Hiring Trends: What to Expect in the New Year,” OfficePro, 2014
“9 Ways to Make the Most of Professional Conferences,” The Savings Source, 2014
“Common Job Interview Scenarios and How to Survive Them,” Paytech, 2014
“Local Hiring Trends in Canada,” Dialogue Magazine, 2014
“Where the Jobs Are,” Dialogue Magazine, 2014
“12 Reasons to Take the CPA Exam,” New Accountant, 2014
“Tech Leads Bay Area Hiring Spree,” Silicon Valley Magazine, 2014
“Deciding on Accounting as a Career,” Robert Half, 2013

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